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Hide and Kill
Еще одна интересная карта. Вы находитесь в городе где полно местных жителей. Вместе с вами в городе находятся другие игроки, которые так же как и вы [...]
Приказ Волка: эпизод 17
Однако, большинство дроидов оказалось в комнате безоружными, поэтому герои с легкостью расправились с ними. Паладин с легкостью ломал хрупкий каркас [...]
Приказ Волка: эпизод 16
Двигаясь аккуратно и осторожно, чтобы не разбудить двойника группа покинула башню. — План? — шепотом спросил паладин охотницу. — Не изменился ни капли. Мы [...]
Wolf’s Order: episode 13
The goal was clear. The heroes had to get back to Darkshore again. It was in that very hazy grove where they met with Hassara for the first time. [...]
Wolf’s Order: episode 12
The heroes still managed to get to Tranquillion. The fire was growing stronger. Heroes entered the city. Rather, what is left of it. The corpses of blood [...]
Wolf’s Order: episode 11
In the morning, the paladin jumped up as if under a howl of a siren. Fiona walked around the camp constantly whine. Tarenar was still sleeping in his [...]
Wolf’s Order: episode 10
They were late again. Again, too late arrived to help. Lassara has already been killed. Falling to his knees in front of the Death Knight, Bolingar looked [...]
Wolf’s Order: episode 9
The night came to an end, and the sun rose over the ruined city. The Scourge army moved along a stone road to the mountains, where the portal to Northrend [...]
Wolf’s Order: episode 8
The paladin left the portal. Around ruined and many dead draenei reigned. Some, however, survived. At least the paladin hoped they would thaw someday. — [...]
Wolf’s Order: episode 7
It was painful for the paladin to see the Riverey in that state. He did not want to disturb her now. Therefore, he silently jumped onto his horse and [...]